1.500 €, costs Prices DHI FUE hair transplant Side Manavgat, up to 5,000 follicles, from the doctor

2.000 €, cost prices DHI FUE hair transplant Side Manavgat, up to 10,000 follicles, from the doctor

1.750 €, costs Prices DHI hair transplantation Antalya, up to 5,000 follicles, from the hair transplant

2.150 €, costs Prices DHI Hair Transplant Antalya, up to 10.000 follicles, from the hair transplant

1.050 €, costs Prices DHI eyebrow hair transplant abroad, Turkey, Antalya

1.000 €, costs Prices DHI eyebrow transplant Manavgat-Side Turkey by the doctor

200 €,    costs prices PRP treatment Manavgat-Side Turkey by the doctor



DHI - Direct Hair Transplantation, Pen Method,

Choi Method, in Turkey, Antalya & Manavgat Side

The DHI Method, Pen (Choi) Method,

is the most modern method for a hair transplant. Even the most renowned hair experts can not perform miracles


Compared to conventional hair transplantation, the DHI procedure does not require any surgery, so there is only a very small risk of infection and unpleasant urgical                                                                                                 scars remain.


In the previous transplantation methods only about 60 to 75 percent of the extracted hair survive.

With the DHI method, it is around 90 to 95 percent.

In the procedure, individual hairs are removed from the middle back of the head.

The extracted hair follicles are implanted by means of a mini needle in the scalp. Another advantage of the method is that you do not have to shave off long or longer hair short or even shave.


The hair transplantation will be carried out in Side / Manavgat by the english / german speaking doctor Doctor & his Team performed.


The Doctor has been performing hair transplants since 2008.

The advantages of the DHI method with the pen

No entry holes are required as with previously common methods, because the hair follicles are immediately reused with a special DHI implantation device, the pen.


Because treatment is fast and almost painless, only minimal postoperative medication is required.

Minimally invasive treatment method

- no scalpel,

- no cuts,

- no major bleeding & no sutures.


However, the DHI method is not only suitable for the implantation of hair on the scalp.

In addition to eyebrows, eyelashes and pubic hair, men can, for example, too

Beard or chest hairs are transplanted.


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